Hand-winning tips for Link Building in Gambling Industry

Published on : 29 May 2022
Hand-winning tips for Link Building in Gambling Industry

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Yes, it can be done. Let’s get the second almost obvious out of the way. Yes, it can definitely be done using white-hat link building methods. So the question isn’t really about the ‘if’ but the ‘how’. Ever since Google carried out an internet-wide crackdown on shady link building techniques and directories and article submission sites in 2012, the gambling industry has had to make some serious changes to its internet marketing and SEO strategies. Club that with the fact that the industry comes with a non-detachable stigma attached to it and you’ve got quite a pickle. Reputable websites, to this day, are wary of linking to content related to the gambling websites because of the associated stigma. That creates an inherent lack of linkable assets, forcing search engine algorithms to either penalise the website altogether or putting it at the darkest corners of the SERP results.

Naturally, the SEO experts as well as gambling conglomerates started advocating grey tactics or black-hat link building techniques as the only way to rank a gambling website. By gaming the system, for lack of a better term. They seem to have a point, only that it NOT the only way forward. White-hat link building in the gambling industry is a not mission impossible. It is, in fact, very doable and has been done time and again by the extremely skilled SEO specialists who know how to hold the ear from the other end without punching the face. Here on, I am going to shed light on a few white-hat link building strategies (they are not new to anyone) that play a key role in helping a gambling website rank better, strategies that I have found to be very effective in the long run.

4 Key Tips to Follow Religiously When Building White-Hat Links for the Gambling Industry


1. Generating Leads

I call it the reverse-hunt, wherein, instead of going after the weakest member of the herd, or shall I say, any low-quality, poorly made and structured website that will agree to link back in exchange for some currency, we go after and convince the one with established trust and authority. Someone who understands the massive scope in the gambling industry and genres it can reach out to: business, entertainment, education, psychology, social issues, and legal etc. Including but not limited to some EDU websites. Any credible source that values a well-written piece and the value it can bring not only to its own website but enhance reader’s understanding is a hot pursuit.

The next step is to build an exhaustive list of websites and online publications that can approached for guest post outreach. Cross-check each lead’s history, before approaching them, based on the following criteria:

  • Whether or not they accept submissions from freelancers?
  • Whether or not they allow outbound links in the write-up?
  • Whether or not they include an author’s bio with a link back?


But the most important things to always remember that sometimes the links won’t come easy; it’s not that