Case Study: SEO Services to get #1 Ranking in Google with Huge Targeted Traffic for Indonesian Casino Websites

Published on : 29 May 2022
Case Study: SEO Services to get #1 Ranking in Google with Huge Targeted Traffic for Indonesian Casino Websites


The Background: About Sbobet Login

Sbobet Login is an Online Gambling Agent licensed by the First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation, Manila-Philippines, and licensed by the Isle of Man Government in Europe. It enables players from around the world to bet big or small, and to compete in games in the Indonesian market. And there is a wide number to choose from. From the traditional games likes Roulette, Baccarat, Lottery to the very popular Dice Bets of Indonesia. Its Online Gambling Center is in the Philippines, where the workers and customer service operators work round the clock to serve and help players. Sbobet Login carries a good reputation within the community for its ethics and fair practices; primarily, clearing the payments of the winners in a hassle-free manner. And yet, as far as Indonesian Casino SEO is concerned, gambling sites like Sbobet are still struggling to get more online traffic and waiting to be ranked at the top.

The Case: Dwindling Web Traffic and Ranks and Low-quality Backlinks

Let’s make something very clear – SEO is hard. But SEO for Casino and Gambling websites is even harder. Harder, we say, not impossible. But what is it that makes it so. Well, for one, Online Casino and Gambling is a niche, and niches are harder to get traffic to and rank. Two, it is one the most incredibly competitive markets in the world, online and otherwise. And then there’s a whole different issue that needs dealt with. The social stigma that comes attached with the industry. We’ll tell you how it plays against the conventional SEO practices later.

Sbobet Login had all this going against it and more. Given that all sorts of casinos, gambling, and betting in Indonesia, is not exactly legal, made it really difficult for Sbobet to increase virtual footfalls on its website. Not to mention the ranks suffered. In its quest t lead the Indonesian market, and become No. 1 on Google, Sbobet worked with many Casino SEO agencies, one after the other. But as we said, ranking a Casino and Gambling is not everybody’s cup of tea. Even though they were able to get a decent number of backlinks, premium links still eluded them, until Sarkar stepped in.

The Brief: Get Sbobet to the First Page of Google

That and naturally, increase organic traffic, increase lead and conversions. A free hand was given to Sarkar and his team to take it forward in whatever way they deemed fit.

The Strategy: Sarkar Employs The Rank Godfather to Handle the Case and Uses the 5-Point Technique